How to play my 3D mods with your Passive UHD or HD 3DTV


Hello guys,

Today i would like to explain to you how to play using my mod in 3D Stereoscopic mode with your 3DTV or 3D Monitor (UHD and FHD are supported).
It’s so simple, just following these steps below:

  • Download one of my mod that support 3D stereoscopic. (In this example we are using Quantum Break – Simple Realistic 3D mod)
  • Extract it to your game folder, the same location with your game exec. file
  • Run your game; press F11 button during playing the game. You will see your screen would be divide into 2 areas; Side by side ~ Top and Bottom like these screenshots:
    Quantum Break 3D SBS mode: Top and Bottom
    Quantum Break 3D SBS mode: Top and Bottom
  • Press your 3D button mode on your 3DTV remote control. Choose Top and Bottom mode.
    3DTV remote
  • Put and wear your 3D Glasses on.
    kacamata untuk 3DTV
  • Tada! Enjoy it! :)

You may try it with your active 3DTV or 3D Monitor. But i cannot guarantee that it would be work prefectly in your screen. You may see some “cross-talks” effects aka. ghosting effect.

Tested on my LG 42″ (FHD) and 60″(UHD) passive 3DTV. And looks sooo beautiful. =))

Happy 3D Stereoscopic game!


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