The Witcher: 10th Anniversary Mod Edition

Let’s celebrate The Witcher’s 10th anniversary!

The Witcher 3 Anniversary Mod Result

It’s already 4-5 months after I’ve stopped playing The Witcher 3; until I have watching its 10th Anniversary video in YouTube. Suddenly, I want to play this game again. Therefore, I’ve re-installed it to a limited space in my old SSD . But just realize that I’ve lost all mods that I’ve already made for this game. Hence, I gotta make a new one.

Actually, the images of vanilla version of The Witcher 3 were already good. But, after applied some newer game updates, somehow we cannot activate MSAA in proper way anymore.
You may force it in “Rendering.ini” file; set AllowMSAA=true. But the game always crashes when you force set MsaaLevel higher than zero… aaaghhh.
It’s already changed to fully TemporalAA (TAA). And as we knew; this aliasing technique made images much blurry.
So no wondering, some game developers added their “Sharpener” shaders after TAA shaders passes and added the ultra-textures pack with “pre-sharpened” textures to solve that.
Those process sometimes makes the image results weren’t so good, even worse. It’s rather shimmering or looks so cartoon; especially when it applied to trees, foliage and grasses.

Therefore, before you applied this mod. For best results, please make sure to disable Sharpener option in game’s Post-Processing setting; and set textures only to High.
(My current in-game settings: Post-Processing=Medium (+Motion Blur and Sharpener = disable) and Graphic setting=High (+disable Nvidia HairWorks ~ You don’t need that if you already using this mod. Its look more natural without HairWork!).

The Witcher 3 10th Anniversary Mod Improvement

This mod included an advanced Sharpener shader to substitute the original Sharpener that come with game. It’s an adaptive sharpener. It can nicely sharpening most high detail objects that near and in front the scene; but it give lesser sharpening effect for long distance objects or low detail objects. In this case were trees, foliage and grasses. As the results, now it’s look more realistic than cartoon.

I also added DOF booster to boost the current DOF effect; and improve the lighting, shading and the tone colors to give best result when you playing it with 3D Stereoscopic shader mod (you may activate it, by pressing F11 button ~ Top and Bottom 3D stereoscopic format). And hey…. actually, if we combine 3D Stereoscopic mod with DOF would give a nice 3D Depth result!

Note for playing this mod in 3D Stereoscopic mode:
if you are using big screen 3DTV (42″-80″) please make sure you are sitting at least 2 meters from the screen for the best 3D view and sit lower than your 3DTV screen to eliminate cross-talks/ghosting effects. This mod optimized for passive 3D Screen. You may try it with active 3D screen, but I cannot guarantee it would work perfectly.

The Witcher 3 Mod results

Ok, enough talks, Chris! Show me some results!

Ok mate, please check these some quick preview….
in-game screenshots (Click to Zoom it):


Side by side comparison (Left = Mod OFF; Right = Mod ON)




In-game video footage
(please set your Youtube’s streaming quality setting to 720p or 1080p)

If you likes my mods, please subcribe my channel from here: Chris Rubino PC Gaming – Youtube channel

Pardon me, since I have a poor internet connection. I only can uploaded low bit-rates compressed video to YouTube,
and YouTube would re-compressed it again. As result, the videos sometimes look worse than actual results.

The files and installation

There are 2 version of this mod: Full version and Lite version. Lite version has lesser shaders passes (also lesser realistic look).
And Full version has complete shaders. If you have GPU lower than GTX 1080; It’s recommended to install the Lite version.

You may download the zipped file mod from this link:
Full Version: (click here to download it)

Lite Version: (click here to download it)

…and then what? =))


And then extract the files into the same folder with your game’s Witcher3.exe file.
Run the game… Enjoy it! ;)

The Keys

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • END (End) button to toggle effects ON/OFF (default is ON)
  • F12 to toggle optional Depth of Field (DOF) effect ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF
  • F11 to toggle 3D stereoscopic mode (Up and Bottom) ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF
  • Print-screen (PrSc) to take a screenshot during playing game.
  • Home to toggle HUD ON/OFF ~ Default is ON

Please keep in mind that actually this MOD was made for my personal collection only. So i apologize, if it might not match with your liking.

Happy PC gaming, mate!


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But you may reach me by leave your comment and feedback to related videos in my YouTube channel. We can discuss anything in there.