Tekken 7 – Arcade Machine Look (Ultra Mod)

Tekken 7 PC graphic quality should be shift to the next level. Fight!!!

Tekken7 Ultra Quality Mod

I always love Tekken’s graphic look in the arcade machine (vibrant colors, lighting and shading).
And now in Tekken 7, somehow I think that the Arcade Machine version is far better than PC version and its console version (PS4 or XBOX One). PC version has dull and flat colors, also lower level of detail.
Of course; some friends told me that current arcade machine has more powerful GPU/CPU unit than mid-end PC for gaming. So no wonder if Namco as developer was willing to give the arcade machine version more superior quality than other version.
But hey… I believe we have more powerful PC GPU/CPU and RAM than that arcade machine here. And we don’t want waste it in vain, right? :P

Therefore, with this mod I’m trying to bring Tekken 7’s arcade machine look into our PC. And now… here we are!

Tekken 7 Arcade Machine Look (Ultra Mod) Improvement

This mod would make better color tones, lighting and shading; a nice depth of field (DOF) effect; and also you can activate 3D Stereoscopic mode (Top and Bottom) by pressing F11 button.
It’s so colorful now (more vibrant). I love it!
Image detailing level also looks better too. You may check these screenshot comparison below.

If you reading this article with a PC or iPad, please click on images below to zoom it for bigger image comparison.
Left image: Before (mod) and Right image: After (mod).

Tekken 7 mod result

Before mod (left) vs After mod (rigt)

Oh, look at that nice Jin's detail body :)

Focus on that Skull detail. not bad, isn't it? :)

Not bad, isn’t it? :)

In-game video footage
(please set your Youtube’s  streaming quality setting to 720p or 1080p)

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The file and installation

You may download the zipped file mod from this link:
(click here to download it)

Go to <WHERE IS YOUR GAME MAIN FOLDER>\TekkenGame\Binaries\Win64\

And then extract the files into the same folder with your game’s TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe file (remember, it’s NOT Tekken7.exe in the main game folder).
Run the game… Enjoy it! ;)

The Keys

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • Scroll-lock (ScLk) to toggle effects ON/OFF (default is ON)
  • F12 to toggle optional Depth of Field (DOF) effect ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF
  • F11 to toggle 3D stereoscopic mode (Up and Bottom) ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF

Note: Native screen-capture (Print-Screen) cannot work properly with this game (Blank image as result). You should using another tool like NVIDIA’s Shadowplay to capture screenshot

Please keep in mind that actually this MOD was made for my personal collection only. So i apologize, if it might not match with your liking.

Happy PC gaming, mate!


Update V1.1:
New version 1.1 now available. Added new experimental lighting, shading and 3D stereoscopic Depth technique.
This version is NOT a replacement for version 1.0; It’s just to get different feel from new colors and lighting effects.
If you willing to try it, you may download it for here: (click to download it)