Rise of The Tomb Raider Realistic MOD V1.2

Hello there,

This time let me to uploaded the newest version of my realistic mod for Rise of The Tomb Raider (ROTTR). It’s based on version 1.1 but with some new improvements.

ROTTR Realistic Mod : The Improvement

With this version, I’m trying to increase the detail level much higher.
Better lighting and color tones.

ROTTR Realistic Mod : The showcase

Screenshot results
(if you are with PC/iPad/Tablet please click on image to zoom it)

Terrain improvement

Texture and object detailing

Texture improvement

Side by side comparison:
(move the slider to compare it)

Click here for bigger and fullscreen image comparison

Click here for bigger and fullscreen image comparison

in-game video footage:

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The files

You may download the zipped file mod from this link:
(click here to download it)
Just extract the files into the same folder with your game’s ROTTR.exe and then run the game. That’s it!

Version 1.3 now available. All colors, lighting and shading were optimized for 3D Stereoscopic mode (Top/Bottom).
You can download it from this link:
(click here to download it)

The Keys

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • Scroll-lock (ScLk) to toggle effects ON/OFF
  • F12 to toggle optional Depth of Field (DOF) effect ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF
  • Print-screen (PrSc) to take a screenshot during playing game.
  • F11 (new in v1.3) to toggle 3D stereoscopic mode (Top and Bottom) ON/OFF

Please keep in mind that actually this MOD was made for my personal collection only. So i apologize, if it might not match with your liking.
I hope you likes it!