Quantum Break Realistic MOD V1.0

Finally, Quantum Break DirectX 11 arrived to Steam.
You don’t need Windows 10 or DirectX 12 to run it. ;)

DirectX 11 version vs DirectX 12 version; which is the best?

I think it’s so difficult to say about that. It’s almost the same with bare eyes. DirectX 12 version seems a bit snappier, i think.
But DirectX 11 version has a big advantage than his old brother; it can be mod with any shaders injection since it’s not based on UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application. It’s using regular executable file (*.exe) that can work properly with dxgi.dll or d3d11.dll as shaders injector.

It’s so blurry… :(
I don’t know what is happened; but even you already turn-off “up-scaling” setting in your game, the original game images were still very blurry to me. Therefore, I made this mod. I need to increase image clarity and added some extra effects (DOF, new lighting mimic, etc.).
I also included 3D Stereoscopic MOD (optimized for UHD and HD passive 3DTV; Side by side: Top and Bottom). You may activate it by pressing F11 button on your keyboard.

Here some screenshot result samples:

MOD with Light Boost = ON and DOF = ON
MOD with Light Boost = ON and DOF = ON


Side by Side Comparison:

Click here for bigger image comparison

Click here for bigger image comparison

Video preview from my Youtube channel:

Not so bad, isn’t it? :P

Ok, this is the link to download it: (click here to download)
Extract it into <your Quantum Break folder>\dx11\
The same folder location with QuantumBreak.exe NOT QuantumBreakLauncher.exe

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • Scroll-lock (ScLk) to toggle effects ON/OFF
  • Print-screen (PrSc) to take a screenshot during playing game.
  • F12  to activate/de-activate DOF effects (by default, this DOF is disabled).
  • Delete (Del) to activate/de-activate Light Boost (default, this effect is disabled).
  • F11 to activate/de-activate 3D Stereoscopic (Top and Bottom) if you have a passive 3D TV or 3D monitor.

I hope you likes it :)