How to solve Fallout 4 Godrays problems

The edge of Fallout 4 Godrays : set it to Ultra settings or nothing at all!

Fallout 4 Godrays

Godrays in Fallout 4 make this game just looks so beautiful. Godrays shader is not only control the volumetric light, it also control fogs. But sometimes it makes some dilemmatic problems. You have to choose it, to using “Ultra” setting or totally turn-off the Godrays effect. If you insist to using low, medium or even high setting…… then you still face with many anomalies in your game images. Some pixelated on shadows, pixelated on characters, pixelated light, lighting bleeding or totally wash-out as white (no volumetric lighting just pure white)… and many many other image anomalies.
Even if you already set it  to “High” setting, you would still got problem with pixelated surrounds your game characters. You may check this screenshot below:

Fallout 4 Godrays
Pixelated arround character esspecially human head (click to zoom it)


and it’s even get worse in some mid-end PC Gaming rigs (Godrays setting = medium) . It is showing like in this screenshot below:

Fallout 4 Godrays
Pixelated in human head, trees shadow, and light. (click on picture to zoom it)

In this case you only have two choice; set your Godrays setting to Ultra (or higher by command console syntax) or turn-it off completely. If you have mid-end NVIDIA GPU or AMD GPU (Fallout 4 God Rays will not working properly even with some high-end AMD GPU) then I recommended to turn-off this Godrays completely. And the other advantage turn this Godrays off is you will get FPS increase. Your game play becomes snappier than ever inside Fallout 4 world. You should try it!

Problem after update Fallout 4 :

The real problem is after applied game update patch version 1.3 or newer: somehow we cannot totally turn-off this Godrays. Even you already set it off in your Fallout 4 game launcher, it’s still there. Still give your GPU performance cost; your game objects still pixelated… and your lighting still bleeding or totally pure white. Ughhh… 😬

How to force Fallout 4 Godrays off

Fortunately, there is a trick to force God Rays (totally) off. Just press tilde key (~) to show-up the command console and type this:

gr off

press tilde key (~)  once again to exit command console. And that’s it! Congrat and see the difference! 😄


Fallout 4 Godrays problems in some PC with high-end GPU

I don’t know what cause it. But even if you already have a high-end GPU, some people still faced problems with their Godrays settings inside Fallout 4. It could be some people are using “re-packed” game installer (LOL!) 😜
They still got pixelate surrounds the game objects. Here the trick how to force your Godrays to Ultra via command console:

Press tilde key (~) to show-up the command console and type this:

gr quality 3 (or more ~ 4…5)

Press tilde key (~) again to exit command console and see the result.

You may check this screenshot result as an example:

Fallout 4 Godrays
Please click the picture to see the result with comparison slider


How to make these commands console are automatic loading every time when you starting the game?
Here the trick. Just make a text file and name it as “autoexec.txt” and put it in the same folder location with your game executable file (* .exe); then fill the related command console syntax to this text file. Save it, then run your game.
That’s it! So simple, isn’t it? 😉

Actually, there are still plenty of command console parameters for this Godrays (how to set Godrays grid, intensity, fogs, etc.). We would cover it deeply on next article, ok? 😜