Grand Theft Auto V Realistic Mod

Chris GTA V Realistic MOD V1.0

This game was already almost 2 years old. But still sit on Top Ten Games Charts all round the world. And I’m still playing it till today.
Also as we knew; there are so many beautiful visual MODs for this game since its first day release.

GTA V Realistic Mod : Make it simple

Actually i already made so many GTA V MODs to myself. But for this new release version, I use different approach. I don’t want to change GTA V too much from its vanilla version; just shift the images quality a bit more. I love the original atmosphere of San Andreas; I don’t want to make it look dimmed like the other MOD ;) . And I also trying to make it as simple as i can. So i can share it to my friends much easier. 🙂

Please remember that my MOD is intended to be working with a clean GTA V installation. I cannot guarantee that my mod would work fine with the other MODs. Please BACKUP your all original files before applied this MOD. Do it as your risk!
DO NOT playing online with this MOD, you will get banned from Rockstar’s server. Remove or rename all MOD files and restore your original files; before you are going online.

GTA V Realistic Mod : The Showcase
Here some example result screenshots from my MOD.
(PC and Tablet readers please click on picture to zoom it, Mobile phone reader please just pinch your screen to zoom it).

Heat of Desert feel look!
Heat of Desert feel look!

Marina's atmosphere at afternoon

Video preview from my Youtube video channel:

How to install

This is the most critical process to make this MODs work properly. I’m trying to make all of my friends happy; doesn’t matter their computer skill level. Therefore I made 2 separate ways how to install it, based on your skills.

For friends with regular skills:
1. Pay fully attentions to this folder location: <your GTA V folder>\update\
Pay fully attentions to this folder location: <your GTA V folder>\update\
2. Get focus on a file that named update.rpf; make a backup for this original file. I recommanded to copy it into your external drive or separate folder.
3. After backup, rename that update.rpf as update.rpf.old
4. Download this pre-modded update file here. Extract it into <your GTA V folder>\update\ folder
Extract it into that folder
5. Download this Reshade and ENB preset file here, and then extract it into where you GTA5.exe belonging.
Extract Reshade and ENB preset files to your GTA5.exe location
6. Run your game! Enjoy it! ;)

Note: next times when you need to play GTA V online, DO NOT forget to rename d3d11.dll as d3d11.old (to temporary disable shaders injector while you are online). Also, don’t forget to rename pre-modded update.rpf to update.old; and rename your update.prf.old back to original update.prf; ….. ~ VICE VERSA!

For friends with expert skills level:

I assumed that you already knew how to prepare your GTA V\mods\ folder, how to using OpenIV package installer, how to manage Reshade and ENB preset, etc.
Your just need to download these 2 files; and I believe you already know what to do.
Link for OpenIV package installer file (click here)
Link for Reshade and ENB preset files (click here)

The new version 1.2 is available now. I have change all download links to this new version, and pulled the old version. Now it’s using Reshade 2.0.3 (performance much better than old version). I also added Light Boost (you may activate it by pressing Del button). But tonal colors a bit changed. If you still prefer using V1.0 tone colors, you may contact me to get the older version of this MOD.

UPDATE (again):
Version 1.3 now available. All colors, lighting and shading were optimized for 3D Stereoscopic Mode (Top/Bottom). You may activate it by pressing F11 button.

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • Scroll-lock (ScLk) to toggle effects ON/OFF
  • Print-screen (PrSc) to take a screenshot during playing game. The results are saved inside your current game folder.
  • F12  to activate/de-activate DOF effects (by default, this DOF is disabled).
  • DELETE (Del) button to activate/de-activate Light Boost (by default, Light Boost is disabled)
  • F11 (New in v1.3) to toggle 3D Stereoscopic mode ON/OFF (disabled by default)

I hope you’ll likes my MOD! :)