Fallout 4 Realistic Mod

Fallout 4 Realistic Mod

As I promised to you in this article here … today i uploaded my realistic mod for Fallout. This MOD is based on Reshade shaders injector. And actually, it just for personal collection only, as it matches with my personal taste. But many of my friends keep asking me to share it to public. Therefore, I apologize if this MOD result might be different with your personal taste. And also the optimization could be not match with your PC Gaming rig spec, since it’s only refer to my PC Gaming spec as reference hardware. But believe me; I’d try my best for you, here! 😜

Fallout 4 Realistic Mod : The Showcase

Here are some screenshots samples of the result:

Outdoor lighting tweaks
Daylight lighting and blue skies tweak :) (Click on picture to zoom it)
Indoor lighting tweaks
Indoor lighting tweaks (click on picture to zoom it)
This MOD in action with official NVIDIA's MOD (Vault 1080)
My MOD in action with official NVIDIA’s MOD Vault 1080 (click on picture to zoom)

Fallout 4 Realistic Mod : Tweaks for Nvidia’s Vault 1080 map

This MOD also already get some small tweaks to work better with latest NVIDIA Official Fallout MODs (Vault 1080). I have made some adjustment to current lighting to match my taste. The vanilla light that comes with NVIDIA’s Vault 1080 actually was already amazing, but somehow i felt that lightings are looks like “curtain” than natural light. Here are 2 screenshots comparison to explain that case.

Fallout 4 Realistic Mod : Side by side comparison
These images below are show the result when this MODs running in some dark scenes with Nvidia’s “Godrays” shaders.
(Please click on picture to open comparison page slider):

“curtain” lighting looks has changed to more natural lighting :) …… (click on picture to compare result)
Darker meaning more creepy, right? LOL! …….. (Click on picture to compare result)


Ok, finally….here the link to download my humble Fallout 4 realistic MOD version 1.0:
(click here to download it)


  • Press Scroll-lock (ScLk) keyboard button to toggle effects ON/OFF
  • Press Print-screen (PrSc) keyboard button to take a screenshot during playing game.
  • Optional: Press F12 keyboard button to activate/de-activate DOF effects. (by default, this DOF is disabled)
  • Press Delete (Del) to activate/de-activate Light Boost (by default, this effect is disabled).
  • New in v1.3: Press F11 to toggle 3D Stereoscopic mode (by default OFF).

I hope you’ll likes it!


A new version 1.2 is  now available (click here to download).
It based on Reshade V2.0.3; it has better performance and better shaders optimization.
I recommended you to update with this version.


Version 1.3 with massive optimization is now available (click here to download).
All colors, lighting and shading were optimized for 3D Stereoscopic (by press F11 key)
Compatible with new Fallout 4 GOTY Edition (2017).
I recommended you to update with this version.