How to improve DOOM 2016 graphic

DOOM 2016

Doom 2016 has decent graphic quality by default. But sometimes we are needed to tweak it a bit more. Unfortunately, for some reasons custom OpenGL32.dll injectors no longer work with this game (I don’t know if they are blocked it, or it’s just a new habit of OpenGL 4.5). I hope some people out there would get some new method how to inject custom shaders to this game.

For now, all that we can do is just tweak the graphic quality from build-in settings panel inside this game. By default, even you already set your graphic preset to ultra; there are still some hidden options behind the bar. Here some quick and simple tips to improve your graphic quality inside DOOM 2016:

DOOM 2016 : Gritty rendering mode

You can change your game rendering mode from default to Gritty mode to get better image quality. But keep in mind that this setting would give you about 5-10FPS drop.

Doom Rendering mode
Doom Rendering mode

You may choose Cinematic as other option. Personally, I hate those black bars, so i prefer Gritty mode 🙂

After that, you may also change some “post-processing effecs” settings (in this case, ~ Sharperning shader and Film Grain shader).

Sharpening shaders amount. Slide it as you like!
Sharpening shaders amount. Slide it as you like!

For this settings, personally I prefer Sharpening Amount = 2.0 and Film Grain = 1.0 . You may set it as match as your taste. But be careful; don’t set it too high, it would make your image looks  like cartoonish! 😅


DOOM 2016 : Hidden options for high-end GPU cards.

There are 2 hidden options that you should set it manually. Maybe the reason why they hide it, because it’s only ideal for high-end GPU cards with high amount of GPU RAM (it would need more than 4GB of your GPU RAM). This is something that they called it as “Nightmare” preset. It’s above than the ultra-preset, but hidden.
If you have a decent GPU card, you should try this “Nightmare” preset!

Virtual Texturing page size set it to "Nightmare"
Virtual Texturing.. set it to “Nightmare”
Shadow quality set to Nighmare preset
Shadow quality set to Nighmare preset


That’s it!

Check these screenshots result below (click on picture to zoom it) :

hmmm... not bad isn't it? ;)

Not bad…. isn’t it? 😜