Batman Arkham Knight – Realistic Mod 2017

Let’s play again Batman Arkham Knight with this new 2017 Realistic Mod!

Batman Arkham Knight realistic mod 2017

Actually, this mod is already old. I distributed it just between my close friends. When its first release, this game got bad porting for PC version. Very bad optimized. This game was very high hardware demanding, and would rise some trouble if your PC weren’t match with what crazy minimum system requirement as its game developer mention.
That’s the reason why, I’d hold this mod until Rock Steady finally took over PC support from 3rd party studio; and lucky for us… now Batman AK’s recommended hardware spec requirement become common (e.g 16GB System RAM, 8GB GPU VRAM, bigger and faster SSD drive, etc).
If you have NVIDIA GTX1070, GTX1080 or GTX1080 Ti, you should try to play this game again with maximum settings. Believe me, It feels so different!

With the latest updates from Rock Steady Studio, now we can measure how much it would take your VRAM. Enable or disable NVIDIA’s Game Works effects; set FPS limiter (or disable it), etc. These updates just made this game become better and better in our PC (even when we play it at 60FPS and 4K resolution).

Batman Arkham Knight crazy hardware requirement
Batman Arkham Knight crazy hardware requirement

Batman Arkham Knight – Realistic Mod 2017 Improvement

Every time I remember about Batman, it always takes me to the Gotham /Arkham atmosphere. It is very gloomy, dark, sad and always rainy.
That’s what I want to carry with this mod.
I changed the atmosphere of the original game into an image that suits my mind. I’m trying to make it as realistic as possible.
And yes, the result would be a bit more darker and misty look but with higher level of detail.

I added a “hazy look” effect to simulate realistic feel when we are walking in a deep rain.
Lighting, Shading and Color tones were optimized for passive 3D stereoscopic mode (Top and Bottom format). So you can play it with your passive 3DTV or 3D Monitor by pressing F11.
And, you may combine it with DOF booster (by pressing F12). The results are awesome.
Enjoy it!

Batman Arkham Knight – Realistic Mod Showcase

Realistic Mod Screenshot results
(if you are with PC/iPad/Tablet please click on image to zoom it)




Side by side image comparison
(Click the image to zoom in)


In-game video footage
(please set your Youtube’s streaming quality setting to 720p or 1080p)

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Pardon me, since I have a poor internet connection. I only can uploaded low bit-rates compressed video to YouTube,
and YouTube would re-compressed it again. As result, the videos sometimes look worse than actual results.

The file and installation

You may download the zipped file mod from this link:
(click here to download it)


And then extract the files into the same folder with your game’s BatmanAK.exe file.
Run the game… Enjoy it! ;)

The Keys

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • Scroll-lock (ScLk) to toggle effects ON/OFF (default is ON)
  • F12 to toggle optional Depth of Field (DOF) effect ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF
  • F11 to toggle 3D stereoscopic mode (Up and Bottom) ON/OFF ~ Default is OFF
  • Print-screen (PrSc) to take a screenshot during play the game.

Please keep in mind that actually this MOD was made for my personal collection only. So i apologize, if it might not match with your liking.

Happy PC gaming, mate!


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