Assassin Creed: Syndicate Realistic MOD V1.3L for Laptop

ACS Realistic MOD V1.3L for Laptop

Today i would like to share a new mod for one of my favorites game: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I called it as Assassin Creed Syndicate Realistic MOD V1.3L where L meaning “Lite” or “Laptop” (because it’s made for my Laptop Gaming… hahaha :D )

Assasin Creed: Syndicate Realistic Mod ; It’s a Lite version

Actually i made this mod to run well with any regular Laptop Gaming (based on Nvidia GT650m to GTX950m) or mid-end spec of HTPC. Therefore, I’ve took away some unnecessary shaders to decrease shaders passes. For regular desktop PC Gaming i always take at least 70-80 shaders passes or even more. But for this, I have limited it maximum less than 20 shaders passes.
I hope this MOD would run smooth on some Laptop or Mid-end PC.

For some Gamers with high-end GPU; you may try to use this lite mod with NVidia DSR. With lower shaders passes, I believe it would run smooth in 4K UHD resolution. You should try it! :)

Assasin Creed: Syndicate Realistic Mod Lite Results

Screenshots sample

These screenshots below was take on a Laptop with 1366×768 screen resolution; where the environment setting is set to HIGH; Ambient Occlusion is set to SSAO or HBAO as maximum; and FXAA for Anti-aliasing. Please set your textures setting to MEDIUM only; or you can set it to HIGH if you are using a desktop PC.

Videos preview from my Youtube channel:

It’s not so bad…. isn’t it? ;)

Here the link: (click here to download)

And as usual, here are the Hot-keys:

  • Delete (Del) to toggle effects ON/OFF
  • Print-screen (PrSc) to take a screenshot during playing game.
  • F12  to activate/de-activate DOF effects (by default, this DOF is disabled).

Happy (laptop) gaming!


This mod designed for Laptop or Mid-end PC. If you have a high-end PC Game system please download the proper version from here: